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"...Art is EVERYWHERE"
CREATIVITY is something that has been a great part of my life, ever since I was 4 years old. 
I was born in the West Indian Country of Guyana, in South America. I  guess I never really realized how the bright colors and culture of my roots would influence my art as I got older. 

As a young child, I always spent my free time drawing, coloring, and doing anything involving art, even paint by number! I remember there would be times when my mother, who would work late nights, needed to take an afternoon nap each day after picking me up from Kindergarten.  She told me that every so often she would open her eyes slightly to check and see what I was doing.  She never had to worry though, because I was always drawing. Little did she know, that when I thought she was completely asleep, I would go and get tubes of toothpaste from the bathroom cupboard, and pretend I was oil painting on paper like Bob Ross!  Of course I didn't really know the difference at the time, but at least my drawings were minty fresh!

As I got older, I was placed into Gifted and Talented Programs for Art, and Advanced Placement Art Classes.  My teachers really helped my artistic ability grow very quickly.  After graduating from High School, I went on to attend the duCret School of Art, majoring in Commercial Art and Illustration.  After graduating at the top of my class in 2005, I worked as a Muralist and Faux Painter for 2 years.  I've had the opportunity to  illustrate a children's book, entitled:
Elec the Elephant On the Farm, written by Jeral A. Bailey.

I am New Jersey artist and currently work as a Freelance Fine Artist.
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Art is Everywhere...​​​

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